Helen Peyton 72dpi

Artist Helen Peyton


Yolande Armstrong 72dpi


and I wonder, as I paint her singleness -
so poignantly alone, up there on the podium
in the freezing studio where the rest of us
have kept our coats on, her skin pimpled, bluish,
seeing a quiver ripple up her I wonder whether
taking off her clothes, boots and ear-rings
and ridding her mouth of lipstick (she does this;
wipes it off on her forearm leaving her face stark naked)
whether letting her body be so coldly looked at,
strip lighting so harsh, so unforgiving, whether
letting herself be treated so badly - all our eyes
poking into her in this bare, chilly art-room -
is an act of madness, or a mid-life crisis
or her crying out like a masochist Hurt Me

 Artist - Yolande Armstrong



Hold out your pencil and look at me,
measure angles, how my thigh hangs,
white shins, rib-bones, nipples,
rippled stomach, this patch of scrappy hair,
but do not adjust my pose using your hands
or ask after my other life, or offer your
home-made flapjack, nor expect me to like
your artwork, nor to smile at you
or blush instead of looking straight back.

You fetch a palette thick with paint and
knife it on, eyes flicking up from the canvas,
eyes that clunk and lock with mine like
machine parts then disengage
as you score into it.

Carine Brosse 72dpi

Artist Carine Brosse


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